Malybugs, scientifically named “Molancha,” are the plant mites that cause plant viruses like powdery mildew. They can be found on a variety of different types of plants, including houseplants and flowering plants. It’s possible to eradicate these pesky plant mites from your houseplants, but how do you do it? There are a few different ways. Here are some:

Call in a Pest Control Company – Call a professional pest control company to disinfect your houseplants. They’ll be able to safely eradicate any mealybugs that may be lurking in or on your houseplants. They’ll use chemicals that will either chemically exterminate the mites or starve them to death. This is the safest way to get rid of them. Plus, pest control companies can use their expertise to determine the best way to treat your houseplants.

How do you get rid of mealybugs on houseplants
How do you get rid of mealybugs on houseplants?

Switch Your Houseplants – If you notice that your houseplants are infected with malybugs or white bugs, then you should switch your houseplants immediately. Some houseplants are resistant to these pests, while others aren’t. Some houseplants, such as houseplants in a ceramic tile or stone container, are more susceptible to these insects than others. So take a close look at your plants before changing them out. This will help you stay free from malybugs and white bugs!

Hire a Professional – If your houseplants are resistant to pesticides, you may need to hire a professional pest control company to get rid of the malybugs. The EPA says that you can remove the malybugs yourself with an insecticidal soap, but it’s important that you don’t spray the plant itself. Hiring a professional pest exterminator can ensure that your malybugs are completely removed from your houseplants.

Proper Pest Control Methods – There are many different chemical sprays and products available to help prevent mealybugs. It’s important that you do some research to find the right product for your houseplants. Although you can purchase sprays that are specially designed to deter malybugs, you may not be able to prevent them. If you are unsure about whether or not the spray will work on your houseplants, contact a houseplant pest control company for recommendations.

Keep Your Garden Clean – You can help prevent the spread of houseplants’ diseases by making sure your garden is kept clean. Mealybugs can easily hide in the soil, so keeping your garden free of leaves, dirt, and debris can be an effective step in preventing the spread of malybugs. If you suspect that a mealybug infestation has already started, you should immediately remove any surviving plant bugs to prevent their growth. For further tips on keeping your garden clean, you should contact a local garden center, who can give you advice on what steps you should take to prevent future infestations.

Neem Oil and Rubbing Alcohol – One of the most popular ways to get rid of malybugs is through the use of rubbing alcohol and neem oil. Both of these ingredients can be mixed with water to create a powerful solution that can kill the eggs of the insects. To use rubbing alcohol, simply pour a small amount onto the top of a half-filled jar of neem oil and shake to mix. Or, you can directly apply the rubbing alcohol directly on the infected plant.

Dr. Bronner’s Soap – Another effective way to get rid of these bugs is through the use of pure, unscented Dr. Bronner’s soap. To make this solution, simply mix one part of pure Dr. Bronner’s soap to a gallon of warm water and allow the mixture to stand for at least a few hours. Once it has completely dried out, scrub the soapy water on the affected plants and leave it soapy for a few more hours. Once the soapy water has dried out, wash your plants thoroughly with water and put them in your garden to begin the process all over again.